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Large Part Machining

At Concorde Precision Machining (a division of Reko International Group Inc.), our core service offerings are the custom machining of large-scale castings, forgings, and large weldments ranging from 2.5–50 tons. We offer medium to high volume machining of mid to large size components. Armed with over four decades of industry experience and state-of-the-art CNC machining and inspection equipment, our expert team machines high-quality critical parts and components for a wide range of industries.

Our Machining Capabilities

We have extensive experience in the machining and manufacturing of products for a variety of end-users. Our capabilities include:

Machining of Castings

Casting is a metal forming process that heats, melts, and pours material (in a fluid state) into pre-made molds or dies. Once cooled, hardened, and removed from the mold, the material retains the shape of the mold design.

Compared to other metal forming methods, casting offers some unique benefits, such as:

  • Broader material compatibility: As the casting process involves melting the construction material, manufacturers don’t have to worry about the metal’s inherent forming properties. They can choose their preferred metals, including specialty or custom alloys, based on the end product characteristics rather than workability.
  • Better scalability: While most mold-based processes are more cost-effective in high-production runs, casting operations are suitable for both low-production and high-production orders.
  • Greater part size capacity: The casting process accommodates both large and heavy part designs (up to and exceeding 50 tons).
  • Higher part design complexity: As casting operations employ the use of pre-made molds or dies, they produce more precise and accurate parts. This quality enables the process to be used for more complex designs and shapes.

Machining of Forgings

Forging is another type of forming method. In contrast to casting, the process involves shaping material in a solid state at room (cold forging) or elevated temperatures (hot forging). During such operations, the metal’s internal grain structure refines and recrystallizes, resulting in harder and more durable end parts and products.

Compared to other metal forming methods, forging offers the following advantages:

  • Higher structural integrity. Forged parts maintain their structural integrity under high pressures and temperatures.
  • Greater durability. The combination of the metal’s grain structure rearrangement and work hardening results in finished pieces that are more resistant to wear and impact.
  • Better part quality. The forging process eliminates the risk of material defects forming, resulting in parts and products that require less finishing work.

Machining of Fabricated Components for Assemblies

In fabrication, different parts are welded together to produce a larger component. In many cases, customers may be choosing between cast and fabricated parts, and both may offer similar mechanical properties. However, the usage of the final component will often dictate the manufacturing method. Designers of fabrications will need to note the directional property of the component and figure this into the design. Regardless, Concorde’s wide range of machining capabilities ensure that customer specifications for large scale fabrications or castings are met.

Additional Services

In addition, we offer the following machining capabilities and value-added services:

  • Large 5-axis machining
  • Large EDM machining
  • Contour boring
  • Deep hole drilling
  • Large diameter boring
  • Laser tracking (using CMM units)
  • Design, manufacture and qualification of fixtures
  • Remanufacturing services
  • Refurbishment machining including Onsite CMM and Laser validation reporting
  • Turnkey services including subassemblies
  • Large parts washing
  • Millipore standard clean room validation (parts shipped are ready for assembly process)

Explore our equipment list for more information about the advanced machinery we use.

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Quality and Precision

Our Inspection Capabilities

Our team is fully committed to achieving the highest part and production quality possible. We follow a mature, tested quality system. Before shipping and delivering finished pieces, we subject each part to strict inspection processes to ensure it meets the specified dimensional tolerances as well as adhering to the GD&T call out on the component drawings.

  • CMM Inspection – For parts that fit within our CMM lab working envelope (200”x100”x72”), we utilize two large capacity DEA CMM machines using latest level PC-DMIS software. For parts larger than the CMM lab capacity, we use the Leica Laser tracker AT402 system.
  • Laser Inspection – For parts with flat surfaces and straight edges, we employ laser technology to ensure the elements are well within tolerance.
  • In Process Inspection – Our quality team creates process inspection sheets to accurately record critical to quality dimensions on a formal hard copy inspection sheet. These dimensions are verified by CMM or Laser at final inspection.
  • Shop Floor Inspection – All parts are fully inspected by our shop floor inspectors to ensure that all features have been machined. Cleanliness and packaging is checked. A complete visual inspection is performed to ensure that there is no damage to the part before it leaves our facility
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Industries Served

At Concorde Precision Manufacturing, we’re proud to machine and manufacture parts and products for a diverse set of industries, including the following:

  • Energy and Power Generation: We machine large-scale parts used throughout energy production, storage, and distribution operations. Typical products include power generation engines, turbine casings, stators, nuclear transfer carts, and more.
  • Mining: Mining equipment relies on oversized parts that can handle the heavy loads of earth, ores, water, and more. Some of our most popular mining parts include vehicle bodies, gear racks, ranging arms, gear boxes, and axle housing and others.
  • Oil and Gas: Both off-shore and on-shore drilling stations need strong, long-lasting equipment that can withstand environmental demands. We machine an extensive range of products for the oil and gas industry, including power heads, connecting rods, mud / fracking pumps, compressor frames, gear boxes, and more.
  • Transportation: We serve the transportation industry with a broad selection of products, such as engines and engine covers, heads, large bearing caps, skid plates, housings, and more.

Considerations for Large Part Machining Operations

When machining large parts, there are several considerations to keep in mind that may not be as important when machining smaller-sized parts. Before starting on a large-part machining project, consider the following:

  • Material stress is more dynamic: All metal pieces have the risk of stress-related distortions. However, those effects have a much more dramatic impact on the dimensionality of large-scale parts unless the stress is dissipated correctly.
  • Temperature consistency is important: Fluctuating facility temperatures greatly affect the final dimensions of a part. Even a single degree of change can cause large or long lengths of metal to expand or contract to the point where it is no longer within tolerance.
  • Equipment capacity is limited: Machines that may seem too unwieldly for smaller or lighter parts may be too small to accommodate larger and heavier parts. For machine shops that handle both small and large parts, it’s important to find a balance of equipment that meet the needs of both types.
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Quality Machining and Fabrication Solutions From Concorde Precision Manufacturing

At Concorde Precision Manufacturing, we are well-versed in the precision machining of large castings, forgings, and assemblies and the fabrication of large weldments. Our decades of machining experience and advanced machining and manufacturing equipment makes an ideal partner for all large part needs. To learn more about our capabilities or partner with us on your next project, contact us today.