Large Diameter CNC Milling and Boring

At Concorde Precision Machining, our team members are experts in large diameter CNC milling and boring. We have extensive in-house equipment capabilities and can complete complex parts machining within tight tolerance levels for low- and medium-volume machining projects.

Our machining capabilities include precision horizontal boring and contour boring. We also complete deep hole drilling projects. Our equipment can mill and bore parts of up to 40 feet long for both oversized and large diameter workpieces. We handle large part machining projects for multiple industries that need large machinery and process equipment.

We also provide complete milling services for cast or forged components. Our large CNC machining capabilities guarantee precision and efficiency for small and large production orders.

Large CNC Milling and Boring Equipment

Our facility is built to provide quick turnaround for our client’s projects, no matter the size of the order or the individual pieces. We work with the following precision machining equipment to manage large-scale in-house machining services:

  • DEVLIEG – 54K72 CNC 4-Axis Horizontal Boring Machine
  • Fermat – WRFT 130 CNC 5-Axis Horizontal Boring Machine
  • Fermat – WRFT 150 CNC 5-Axis Horizontal Boring Machine
  • FPT – Ronin CNC 4- Axis Horizontal Boring Machine
  • Makino – A81 CNC 4-Axis Horizontal Boring Machine
  • Makino – A51 CNC 4-Axis Horizontal Boring Machine
  • Reko – Bika 1 CNC 3+2 Axis Horizontal Boring Machine
  • Reko Gantry CNC 3+2-Axis Vertical Milling Center
  • HASS CNC 3-Axis Vertical Milling Center
  • Reko – Bika 2 CNC 4-Axis Horizontal Boring Machine
  • TOS – WHN 13.8 CNC 4-Axis Horizontal Boring Machine
  • TOS – 2 WHN 15 CNC 4-Axis Horizontal Boring Machine

Along with high-precision machining processes, we also have a certified ISO 7/8 cleanroom for validating that parts are ready for final assembly. Our onsite StingRay Parts Washer will clean the parts after machining to prepare them for shipping or cleanroom validation prior to packaging and shipment

Our team can assess the work to comply with tight tolerances. We can use either of our large scale DEA coordinate measuring machines (CMM) to measure the dimensionality of the parts or alternatively our Leica Laser, for parts that are too large for our CMMs.

Dimensional Capabilities

At Concorde Precision Manufacturing, we excel at handling oversized and large diameter parts of lengths of up to 40 feet and up to 60 tons. We have large-size envelopes available in dimensions up to 9 meters by 4 meters.

Industries Served

We’re proud to serve an extensive variety of industries that rely on large-scale precision parts, including:

  • Power Generation
  • Industrial Equipment
  • Mining
  • Transportation
  • Oil and Gas

Our team has machined turbine casings, gearboxes, compression frames, machine tool bases, columns and platens, a wide variety of engines and other components.

Large Diameter CNC Milling and Boring Services From Concorde Precision Manufacturing

Large diameter components require both precision machining equipment and industry experts. Find them both with Concorde Precision Manufacturing. We offer extensive milling and boring services, large-scale casting machining, assemblies, remanufacturing services, welding, and more. We use precision CNC machines in-house and complete low- and medium-volume orders within our robust quality system. Contact us today to learn more about our capabilities.