Machining of Large Cast Components

Machining of large cast parts is its own niche in the manufacturing world. At Concorde Precision Machining, we specialize in creating large components for heavy machinery from cast steel and iron through a wide range of large part machining techniques. We serve the needs of demanding industries with our extensive machining capabilities, including 5-axis machining and large diameter boring.

Machining Capabilities

Our in-house machining capabilities are extensive, and we can handle standard and custom part designs. Our capabilities include:

  • Contour boring
  • Deep hole drilling
  • Large 5-axis machining
  • Large diameter boring
  • Large horizontal and vertical boring
  • Large vertical and horizontal machining

Each of our processes is tailored to work with large and oversized parts. These parts need specialized handling to avoid distortions, cracks, and other flaws in the workpieces that can delay production. The team at Concorde Precision Manufacturing knows how to best handle workpieces from rough incoming material  to finished product so our customers have high-quality parts they can rely on.

Components Produced by Machining of Cast Parts

We serve multiple industries that depend on reliable large components. As needs become more complex, we’ve seen an increased demand for large parts with enhanced structural integrity and extremely tight tolerances. The key industries we serve include energy, mining, power generation, oil and gas, and transportation, but we’re happy to work with any industry sector that requires high-quality, accurate large parts. We machine the following parts for use throughout these industries:

  • Cylinder bodies
  • Engine crank cases for generators and locomotives
  • Fly wheels
  • Fracking pumps and blocks (fluid ends)
  • Frames for oil and gas compression
  • Machine bases
  • Machine columns and bridges
  • Turbine casings

This list is only representative of our general capabilities. We can provide an expansive range of quality large parts, including custom projects.

Infographic listing components produced by machining of cast parts
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Secondary Processes

While our primary focus is large component machining, we also offer various secondary services to help our customers streamline their vendor management. Some of our secondary capabilities include:

Coordinate Measuring Machine (CMM)

At Concorde, we employ advanced CMMs to measure the geometry of a component along three axes, verifying that angles and cuts are within allowable tolerance ranges. We have two large-capacity DEA CMM systems that can assess items no larger than 200 x 100 x 72 inches. We also use a Leica Laser Tracker AT402 system for cast components with straight edges and flat surfaces that exceed those dimensions.


We use a Stingray Parts Washer to clean components. This service is available for parts no larger than 179 x 80 x 70 inches. We also offer cleaning within an ISO 7/8 clean room for customers that require assembly ready components.

Machining Cast Components Services From Concorde Precision Manufacturing

Concorde Precision Manufacturing offers extensive machining services for large components in demanding and complex industries. Contact us today to see how we can help you manufacture  large cast components for your mission critical project.

In addition to our machining capabilities, we offer a range of remanufacturing services for heavy equipment.