REKO International Group Inc.

Concorde Precision Machining Inc. specializes in the high precision, custom machining of large scale castings and assemblies.

We machine critical components for a wide variety of industrial end-users in the mining, transportation, oil and gas, machine tool, energy/power generation, off road, and aerospace industries. Our 83,000 square foot facility houses 24 machines, enabling us to meet volume requirements and expedited timing needs.

Our experienced team works hard to ensure consistent precision and quality, thrives on looking for new and innovative ways to machine critical components, and always ensures delivery deadlines are kept in mind. This commitment to quality and timeliness results in faster assembly times for our customers.

At Concorde, we have the ability to achieve extremely close tolerances within a maximum VMC machining envelope of 450” X 184″ X 120″, and maximum HMC machining envelope of 526″ X 120″ X 120″ under the spindle.

Our strong technical ability, state of the art machinery, diversified customer base, and long-term relationships highlight Concorde’s strength as an organization.

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About Reko International Group Inc.

Reko International Group Inc. (TSX-V:REK) is a diversified, technology-driven manufacturing organization located in Southwestern Ontario, just minutes from the U.S. border. Our areas of expertise include robotic factory automation solutions, the precision machining of large, critical parts, and plastic injection and low compression acoustic tooling. Our family-oriented culture embraces past experience, fosters innovation, and always ensures the highest standard of quality. At Reko, we believe in strengthening communities by advancing manufacturing.

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