Welcome to Concorde Precision Machining

Concorde Precision Machining Inc. specializes in the high precision, custom machining of large scale castings and assemblies. We machine critical components for a wide variety of industrial end-users in the mining, transportation, oil and gas, machine tool, energy/power generation, off road, and aerospace industries. Our facility houses state of the art machinery, and our experienced team of skilled professionals works hard to ensure constant quality, every time. At Concorde, if you dream it, we’ll machine it.

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Our Areas of Expertise


Concorde machines a wide variety of equipment for the mining industry. From car bodies to lift beams, we understand the attention to detail required to ensure safety and usability.


We specialize in engine block machining, but our talented team can do it all!

Oil and Gas

With over 20 years of machining parts for the oil and gas industry, we surpass the industry standard in expertise and know how, and can machine a wide range of products to your exact specifications.

Machine Tool

Let us help you machine the perfect parts you need! Our level of precision guarantees your products’ accuracy.

Energy / Power Generation

At Concorde, we pride ourselves on being a part of the cultivation of new forms of energy.

Off Road

Take the road less travelled, and experience our wide range of our machining abilities.


Our work is precise enough to travel to a world beyond our own. Let Concorde help you soar to new heights.

“The team at Concorde Precision Machining Inc. are very focused on continuous improvement and are always looking at increasing the value added services to their customers.”

    - Lean Coordination Facilitator