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Concorde specializes in custom machining, milling and boring of castings, forgings and fabrications up to 50 tonnes.

Our Promise

At Concorde Precision Machining, we are dedicated to providing the highest-quality products and services. We do that by putting our customers first and using cutting-edge machining processes.
We are transparent with customers and always meet or beat deadlines. Our facility is home to dozens of ultramodern CNC machines, climate-controlled laboratories and portable laser tracking to ensure we live up to our reputation as the industry leader.

Large Component Machining

Concorde’s core service is the custom machining of large-scale engine and component castings, forgings and fabrications of up to 50 metric tons using state-of-the-art CNC and inspection equipment.
Large Component Machining Concorde
Machining Services

Machining Services

The Concorde team is expert at large-diameter CNC milling and boring. We have extensive in-house equipment capabilities and can complete complex parts machining within tight tolerance levels for low- and medium-volume machining projects.
Our machining capabilities include precision horizontal boring and contour boring. We also complete deep hole-drilling projects. Our equipment can mill and bore parts up to 40 feet long for both oversized and large diameter workpieces.
We also provide complete milling services for cast or forged components. Our large CNC machining capabilities guarantee precision and efficiency for small and large production orders.
The Concorde facility is built to provide quick turnaround, no matter the order size or the individual pieces. We have a wide variety of vertical and horizontal machine tools as indicated in our equipment list.

Critical Engine Components

Concorde can also take the stress off an OEM’s internal manufacturing capabilities or alleviate supply chain issues by machining smaller components (caps, cylinder heads, and more). Customers can count on the same high standards of quality and overall satisfaction.
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